Digitalize procedures that are used to govern, manage and monitor a business while augmenting and optimizing the application of human effort with ALICE.

ALICE affords the human effort to be applied to more judgmental and higher- risk areas of a business.

Who is ALICE

A platform that enables creation of an ecosystem of digital services to remotely govern, manage and monitor your business. She combines intelligent automation with cognitive services to create a digital workforce to assist with real-time and continuous visibility into businesses.

Her purpose is to accelerate the digital journey of every function within a business.

ALICE - A Trusted Business Advisor

ALICE integrates multiple and disparate sources of data from a wide variety of business disciplines into a cohesive and intelligent lens through which various stakeholders can have real-time insights of the business.

She connects you to your business remotely allowing for uninterrupted monitoring of performance.

ALICE - A Problem Solver

Embedded within the ALICE platform is scale, security, fully managed infrastructure, auditability, auto- provisioning, connectivity, real-time, continuous and/or periodic monitoring, quick and easy deployments and customization.

She can be shaped to meet your business needs or according to what problem you are solving.

ALICE - A Digital Workforce

Through her digital services, ALICE augments and optimizes human effort providing more coverage, more scale, more automation, more real-time and continuous monitoring, more intelligence and more value-add in a global and remote manner.

She affords human effort to be applied to more judgmental and higher-risk areas of the business so that organizations can do more with the same or less.

Use Cases

Delivering, always-on assurance; always-on monitoring; always-on compliance and always-on peace of mind!

IT Audit

Control procedures to audit IT general controls of over 300 businesses across multiple geographies and industries real time with less than 2 FTEs

Cash Flow Analytics

Financial control procedures over the liquidity model for funding 87 payrolls during the COVID-19 lockdown period

Operational Management

Operational control procedures to assist management in analyzing the movement of refurbished as opposed to  new inventory

AML Compliance

Compliance control procedures to assess accurate reporting of transactions against anti-money laundering regulation

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Automated control procedures for quarterly control tests over journals

Business Management

Data modelling procedures over customer spend, rebates and discounts to gain real-time business insights into customer behaviors

Financial Audit

Procedures for real-time risk-profiling of customers to anticipate
default / bad debt

Data Science

Data wrangling and predictive modelling on large data sets on a fully managed infrastructure

Gross Profit Forecasting

Predictive modelling and continuous oversight and insight into the sales and discount activities visualized as business intelligence outcomes

Payroll Oversight

Comprehensive set of insights supporting and auditing the managing and monitoring of payroll using data science and artificial intelligence

Next Step

Every organization is unique with distinct needs and challenges. ALICE’s capabilities are infinite. To address your specific digital requirements, we will partner your knowledge with the power of ALICE.