“Oh ALICE!” – The Brady Bunch – ABC Studios

“Oh ALICE!” – The Brady Bunch – ABC Studios

The Brady Bunch, an American sitcom revolved around a large blended family with six children and included in this blended family was a live-in housekeeper name Alice.  Alice was not only the housekeeper, but she was the family friend, support system and was embedded in the fabric of the show. Alice focused all the mundane tasks, the family analysis and problem-solving tasks, as well as many of the day to day responsibilities, that then allowed a busy family to focus on the Big Picture or the Big Things in life and to build and grow as a Family.  Alice became a pivotal staple of the show.

When I think about ALICE the platform or the service, not only do they have the same name, but meet the same basic needs of their customers. 

  • Much like Alice the housekeeper, ALICE is solution minded.
  • Her purpose is to solve problems and make the lives of the humans around her more efficient and overall better. 
  • ALICE enables companies to create an ecosystem of digital services to govern, manage, and monitor businesses.
  • In essence, ALICE is a digital worker who can execute routine and non-routine activities conducted by humans.
  • She affords human effort to be applied to more judgmental and higher-risk areas of the business so that organizations can do more with the same or fewer resources.  

The only difference between Alice from the Brady Bunch and ALICE the platform, are the stakeholders and their requirements, else they provide similar benefits and support.

ALICE can help all stakeholders in an organization

Whatever role you fulfil in the organization, ALICE can help you to govern, manage and monitor your business.

  • If you are executive management, digital services may resemble gaining real-time insights into business operations, ranging from analysis of staff behaviors, to customer spending patterns to financial metrics.
  • If you are an auditor, digital services may resemble the automation of control testing in a continuous and real-time manner.
  • If you are Chief Risk Officer, digital services may resemble real-time risk profiling of customers in default.
  • If you are a Chief Compliance Office, digital services may resemble continuous and real-time monitoring of business activities against a policies or regulatory standards.
  • If you are a Financial Manager, digital services may resemble analysis of journals processed or reconciling items.
  • If you are an Operations Manager, digital services may resemble analyzing analysis of field service measures.
  • If you are an Information Technology (“IT”) Manager, digital services may resemble analyzing the posture of your basic security hygiene.

ALICE’s Wonderland

ALICE combines intelligent automation with cognitive services in her role as a digital worker whether it is the role of auditors, governance professionals, operational managers or data analytics experts. 

She applies digital automation, data science, and human artificial intelligence to data to govern, manage and monitor continuously real-time.  ALICE can be shaped to meet your business needs according to the problem you are solving.

Embedded within the ALICE platform is scale, security, fully managed infrastructure, auditability, auto-provisioning, connectivity, real-time and continuous and/or periodic monitoring, and quick and easy deployments and customizations. 

When we think back to the wonderful sitcom, “The Brady Bunch” that captivated so much of our time growing up, along with wishing we all had our very own Alice.  With ALICE, the platform you in essence do have Alice, the perfect assistant.

Let us tell you how ALICE can join your family.

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