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Platform Features

Security, Privacy & Multitenancy

ALICE treats all her data as sensitive and classifies it in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. The customer may choose the jurisdiction to host data within the ALICE platform.

The ALICE platform is multi-tenanted. Every record that enters the ALICE platform contains a unique customer code. All communication within ALICE uses APIs which require the unique ALICE organization ID and authentication to operate. All company data is stored in separate networks and databases with unique encryption keys.

To learn more, request a copy of our security white paper here


Intelligence is embedded throughout the ALICE platform.

  • Collection: Unstructured data is translated into digital formats prior to ingestion into the ALICE Platform.

  • Ingestion & Validation: ALICE provides rejection reasons through the UI or APIs based on the validation rules and/or errors in the processing file. She advises on corrective measures on any validation problems.

  • Data Engineering: Data science toolsets are available in the ALICE platform to be applied to the ingested data, for example, machine learning or cognitive computing.

  • The ALICE Lab: Embedded within the Lab are cognitive services available to be used when creating a digital service. These cognitive services range from t ranslating human intelligence into a reusable algorithm that can be automated, s upervised and/or unsupervised machine learning to d escriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics and n atural language processing.
  • Customizable and Light - Platform and Software as a Service

    Customers can run and consume digital services as-a-service on the ALICE platform, on-demand, real- time, remotely and at scale without the burden of managing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, provisioning, performance, uptime, integration and security of the platform coupled with the versioning of the data sets and digital services.

    Connectors, ingestions and validations, transformations, data sets, digital services, procedures are customizable in the ALICE Platform.

    The security settings, the compute power and the jurisdiction in which data is hosted within the ALICE platform is also customizable.​

    Most bots make use of local resources to run. Performing computationally heavy processes may not be feasible on certain devices or be limited by server capacity. The ALICE platform auto scales as required. Should a client require exceptionally high compute power, ALICE can be customized to avail this. This makes the platform very flexible in its use. Local impact is limited to the data collection process which is very light on the environment.

    Balancing Collaboration with Intellectual Property

    ALICE ascribes to the open data source initiative and values the power of sharing both within the organization and amongst the ALICE community. ALICE contains curated libraries of connectors, transformations, target data structures (data stores), procedures and digital services for reuse within the customer’s organization and by the ALICE community. Through these curated libraries and the power of the ALICE APIs, the organization as well as the wider ALICE community will contribute to a growing, powerful set of collection and translation tools.

    The ALICE platform allows you to design and build as well as bring existing procedures onto the platform. The intellectual property of such procedures remains yours – it is now just availability to organizational stakeholders in a secure, scalable and global manner.

    The intellectual property of such procedures remains yours and now available to organizational stakeholders in a secure, scalable and global manner.

    Ease of Deployment, Provisioning and Use

    Deployment of ALICE is quick (usually within a couple of hours) and can be performed remotely.

    The implementation and set-up of the ALICE platform for a client is performed in less than a day. Upon acquiring the data, ALICE can playback the data collected as well as the outcomes from the procedures instantaneously. This bridges her usefulness from just assurance to contextual operational feedback.

    Data collection can be scheduled per collector. Consequently, digital services can be consumed on a basis that is fit-for-purpose for the organization.

    Tenants are automatically provisioned within the ALICE platform in a quick and efficient manner.

    ALICE connects you to your business remotely. The ability to govern, manage and monitor your business remotely is fast becoming a necessity. ALICE represents a digital workforce and can fulfil this remote necessity.

    Scalable and Global

    From ingestion of large data sets to infrastructure speed to compute power, ALICE can scale in accordance with the business requirements.

    The collection framework allows data to be collected from various sources, across geographies and from separate networks, yet seamlessly will run procedures, the outcomes of which reported through the user interface. Consequently, scaling of a remote workforce globally becomes easier! The only local deployments are the data collection mechanisms.

    ALICE is industry and system agnostic. She is comfortable working in any global environment.

    Next Step

    ALICE has been architected by cloud infrastructure specialists and security engineers, built by data scientists and tested by auditors. The power of ALICE lies in her cognitive abilities which is infinite. Ask for a personalized demo to learn more.