Frequently Asked Questions

Janus Advisory and Consulting Services provides innovative solutions to complex business challenges. A global strategic partner of Bidvest Advisory Services, we aim to help organizations to accelerate their digital journey, imbibing technologies of the future while understanding and learning from the experiences of the past.

Janus partners with organizations across industries and geographies to help them conceptualize, develop and implement digital services to remotely govern, manage and monitor their business. Our Services portfolio includes:

Digital Transformation Strategy
IT Systems implementation (Platform as a Services)
Change Management
Governance, Risk & Compliance (Assurance as a Service)
Data Analytics & Insights

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ALICE is a platform that enables you to create an ecosystem of digital services to govern, manage and monitor your business. She combines intelligent automation with cognitive services to create a digital workforce to assist those charged with governance, management and monitoring with real-time and continuous visibility into a business. She has been architected by cloud infrastructure specialists and security engineers, built by data scientists and tested by auditors. Her purpose is to accelerate the digital journey of every function within a business.

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ALICE applies intelligent automation, data science and human and artificial intelligences (collectively procedures) to data assets to avail digital services in a continuous and near real-time manner.

Procedures are designed, built and tested in the ICE Laboratory and then applied to data sets acquired through her Data Pipeline in her to derive outcomes. This is what ALICE calls a digital service.

Digital services remotely connect you to your business and allow you to govern, manage and monitor your business without interruption.​

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The implementation and set-up of the ALICE platform is performed in less than a day and can be performed remotely.

Tenants are automatically provisioned within the ALICE platform in a quick and efficient manner.

Data collection can be scheduled per collector. Consequently, digital services can be consumed on a basis that is fit-for-purpose for the organization.

Upon acquiring the data, ALICE can play back the data collected as well as the outcomes from the procedures instantaneously. This bridges her usefulness from assurance only to contextual operational feedback.

ALICE connects you to your business remotely. The ability to govern, manage and monitor your business remotely is fast becoming a necessity. ALICE represents a digital workforce and can fulfil this remote necessity.

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Yes, ALICE can be self-deployed and maintained. However, we suggest that initial deployment be performed with the support of the Janus team.
ALICE treats all her data as sensitive and all data is classified in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. You may choose in which jurisdiction you require your data to be hosted within the ALICE platform.

The ALICE platform is multi-tenanted. Every record that enters the ALICE platform contains a unique customer code. All communication within ALICE uses APIs which require the unique ALICE organization ID and authentication to operate. All your company data is stored in separate networks and databases with unique encryption keys.

Our security whitepaper outlines the emphasis we place on securing the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the ALICE Platform and the data contained therein.

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Intelligence is embedded throughout the ALICE platform demonstrated, for example, in the following ways:

Collection: Unstructured data is translated into digital formats prior to ingestion into the ALICE Platform.

Ingestion & Validation: ALICE provides rejection reasons through the UI or APIs based on the validation rules and/or errors in the processing file. She advises on corrective measures on any validation problems.

Data Engineering: Data science toolsets are available in the ALICE platform to be applied to the ingested data, for example, machine learning or cognitive computing.

The ALICE Lab: Embedded within the ALICELab are cognitive services available to be used when creating a digital service. These cognitive services range from:

o Translating human intelligence into a reusable algorithm that can be automated.
o Supervised and/or unsupervised machine learning applied to data sets.
o Historical and/ or contextual data modelling.
o Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescription analytics.
o Optical character recognition
o Natural language processing
o Anomaly detection
o Fuzzy logic
o Deduplication

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Our pricing philosophy is based on the values of partnership and transparency. We are committed to making ALICE affordable to every organization with no hidden costs.

ALICE is aggressively affordable. There is a recurring monthly platform fee that includes over 25 out of the box evaluations that is applicable upon successful deployment of the platform. Should you decide to add additional controls / digital services, we will work with you to achieve a material ROI.

We have resources as well as partnerships in low cost locations to help you with additional custom controls / digital services development should you chose.

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ALICE is cloud based and the platform auto scales as required. No additional hardware is required. Should you require exceptionally high compute power, ALICE can be provisioned for that. This makes the platform very flexible in its use. Local impact is limited to the data collection process which is very light on the environment.
ALICE’s development team can provide an alternative such as an API or a BOT. Evidence can also be manually uploaded into ALICE as a document (jpeg, csv, etc.). Using her machine learning capabilities, ALICE will interpret the document uploaded and manage it accordingly.
ALICE audits continuously and in a near real-time manner against various best practice standards using cognitive automation, ranging from natural language processing, rule configuration analysis, machine learning to artificial intelligence. Her current skill sets cover the spectrum of capabilities - from reading a screen print to interpreting a security policy.
ALICE can execute any audit that has data driven components. She can audit in all financial, IT, operational, compliance, and regulatory environments.

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Yes, every aspect of the ALICE allows customization. Connectors, ingestions and validations, transformations, data sets, digital services, procedures can all be tailored to your needs in the ALICE Platform.
No, definitely not! ALICE will not replace and/or displace technologies and tools you have already invested in. She will connect to such technologies and tools and orchestrate the available data to provide a holistic, intelligent and centralized view of the organization to allow real time, remote monitoring, governance and management of the business. ALICE should be treated as an enhancement to all currently used technologies.
ALICE manages the aggregation and/or consolidation of complex and disparate data structures. She provides high-level dashboard-type reporting (audience-specific) with drill-down capabilities. Her managed portal allows for customer centricity – providing a single view of your organization across the environments with the associated risks and maturities. Upon request custom reports can be built.

Should you choose, API’s can be deployed for flow of data from ALICE into any other reporting, data visualization and GRC tool based on your needs.
No technical competence is required to run ALICE.