A Year On…

A Year On…

From 2019 and my first meeting with Lauren and Gustav in sunny Miami, to the creation of Janus and now a year since, the world as we know it has shifted under our feet.   It’s been a challenging year in every way. 

That said, more than anything I have an over-arching sense of gratitude to have not just survived these tough times but to have actually found a way to move forward.  It has been an absolute joy and privilege to have met and now have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds on the planet –  @Lauren Berrington, @Carla Hodge, @Louise Chunnett, @Frans Geldenhuys, @Renier van der Merwe, @Emmarentia Naude and @Gustav Silvo.   

All ideas need time to grow, to take root, and adapt to changing environments.   Team ALICE too has had to weave its way around the “new normal” we find ourselves in today.  That notwithstanding, we are driven by the firm belief that we are best suited to help organizations thrive in this disrupted future, because the idea itself is fundamentally of changing the way we have worked so far. 

I am proud that even during the toughest of times, not once did we waver from the pursuit of our mission; to be the leader in, and shape the future of, digital services and our vision to do it with integrity, a pioneering attitude, through honest relationships, empathy, diversity and inclusion. 

I have no words to express my deepest gratitude to Namrata, my wife who has stood by me in this journey, like a rock and has been my north star, guiding me when the road ahead seemed dark.   To have a partner like her is truly one of life’s greatest blessing. 

We do not know what lies beyond till we summit the peak, and the only way ahead is to put one foot in front of the other.   Along the way, we have soft greens to tread on and harsh stones to cut across.   What makes it all worthwhile is a clear sight of the goal and a tribe that will catch you if you fall.   I have them both in spades and so I am confident of our success. 

To you my tribe, I say thank you.   May we continue holding space for each other to grow  and reach our highest potential.

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